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2 to 3 years
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Interactive play

In this room we help children to develop their spoken language and awareness of each other through energetic and interactive play. We spend a lot of time labelling and discussing their emotions and giving children a way of communicating their needs and wants.

We use Makaton signing as well as spoken language. We plan their indoor and outdoor learning through a creative and enthusiastic telling of traditional and favourite stories, using props and toys. We place a strong emphasis on sharing learning between home and school using the stories as a starting point. We also follow children’s own interests and fascinations and link the learning between home and school.

We also encourage children to become more independent and focus on their self-help skills such as making choices, learning to use the toilet and starting to wash their hands by themselves. We introduce children to traditional tales using a Stories for Talking approach.

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Green Room News

June 14, 2022

Home learning for the Transition Room (Green Room).

Download the hungry caterpillar to do at home!

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