Autumn 1 Learning in the Transition Room

October 20, 2022

During the first few weeks of the autumn term we have been spending time getting to know each other. The children are settling in really well and we have all enjoyed playing together. We have had so much fun outdoors! We have been busy playing hide and seek and collecting leaves in the playground. We were fascinated by all the different colours and textures. We all made a picture with all the leaves and twigs we had found. What do you think?

We have been very busy using playdough and tools. We have made caterpillars of all sizes and have concentrated on making patterns on them. Some of us had a go at making biscuits with the playdough and even fruit baskets full of bananas, apples and oranges. If you would like to have a go at making playdough at home see the link to the recipe here.

At group time we are learning to listen to what others say and have a turn to express our own ideas. We met our friend Wordsworth the Teddy Bear. He needed our help! He told us he wanted to go outside to play. We helped Wordsworth to get dressed, taking turns to listen to his instructions and choosing the right clothing.

Our story of the week has been “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. We have been talking about colours and we have started working on our rainbow project. We looked at the effect of our actions on materials and resources. We have had opportunities to cut materials and glued them together to create the different colours of the rainbow.

Watch out for our next newsletter to find out what we will be doing after half term.

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