GON Community

At Grace Owen every family is welcomed into the school community. We offer lots of different events and support to everyone throughout each year. Here is what is on offer:

Family Breakfast Club

At Grace Owen we provide an optional breakfast for each child.

*We now also offer a range of breakfast choices and drinks every morning until 10am for all family members. This is to give parents/carers a chance to have five minutes in their busy lives to look after themselves as well as their children and the opportunity to chat to other parents/carers. *Currently on hold due to Covid-19 measures.


Once a week we have a food delivery from FareShare which comes from a range of supermarkets. Our families can then help themselves to what is available.

Saturday Specials

Once a half term we open up our nursery school to our families, their friends and relatives on a Saturday Morning.

We host a range of events and activities and then share lunch together. We base these activities on children’s interest and seasonal themes. For example story telling, Peppa Pig’s Birthday, the Pirate Party, Chinese New Year, Easter and a Pottery Craft Special run by two of our families. *We are following Covid-19 measures therefore Saturday Specials and/or content may be limited.

Family Learning

We offer a range of workshops for parents and carers over the year. Free creche places are provided for children of families attending these sessions. Watch out for more information displayed around nursery. *Currently being held online.