About Us

The Nursery at the heart of the community. Grace Owen Nursery School has been an integral part of Park Hill since 1963. Families have been bringing their children here for over three generations.In January 2016 we moved into our new, exciting and vibrant building. We hope you and your children will feel welcomed, included and happy here. Come and join us to meet new friends, play and learn together.

Grace Owen Nursery School Entrance Building in Sheffield
Our vision is:
We strive to be a happy, inclusive and exciting haven at the heart of our diverse community, where everyone has the opportunity to be known, valued and accepted. We actively encourage a growing sense of self, independence, curiosity and friendships as children are fully immersed and challenged in their learning every day. We cherish partnerships with families, our community and a wide range of learning partners. We seek to develop our knowledge and evolve our practice continually in order to provide a broad, balanced and irresistible curriculum which we continue to be passionate about and proud of in an ever-changing world.