Autumn 2 Learning in the Transition Room

January 10, 2024

In the Transition Room, the children have really enjoyed exploring The Gingerbread Man. The children have loved telling the story with props. We have been learning the concept fast and slow and we have had so much fun acting out the story running fast for the Gingerbread Man and slowly for all the other characters.

We have also enjoyed our jumping activity where the children pretended to be the Gingerbread Men jumping across the river, we the saw who jumped the shortest and longest distance. This was such a fun way to explore the concept of short and long.

The children have also explored different ways of keeping the Gingerbread Man dry when he crossed the river. Exploring the properties of different materials, such as putting a hat and scarf on him, which the children discovered did not keep him dry. We also wrapped him in Clingfilm which did keep him dry. But the children discovered putting him in a boat was the best way for him to cross the river and not get wet.

We also baked our own gingerbread men which the children really liked eating.

We have also been very busy celebrating Christmas in the Transition room. We have made our own Christmas tree using different sized boxes. The children have also really enjoyed learning lots of Christmas songs. We have been learning the Nativity Story using props, and singing songs to explain the story.

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