Spring 2 Learning in the Transition Room

March 31, 2024

We are now focusing on the story “The Enormous Turnip”. We are learning to ask others for help when we need it and to cooperate with each other. We have been discussing how we can achieve great things if we all work together. For this story, we have been practicing the Makaton signs “again”, “grow” and “help”. At group time, we looked at real vegetables and discussed what they taste like, as well as their size, weight and shape. We enjoyed having the opportunity to draw the vegetables afterwards. We had to think about what colours we could use and what shapes we could draw. For example, we made small yellow marks to draw sweetcorn and bigger circles to draw potatoes. In our role-play area, we have been pretending to be shop keepers and filling our baskets and trolleys with fruit and vegetables.

At singing time, we are learning to wait for our turn to choose a song from our singing box. We are also getting so good at singing and we are joining in with the words and the Makaton signs to our favourite songs. This term we are focusing on different number rhymes. We have really enjoyed “Five Little Peas”. Some of us are using our fingers to count how many peas are left and others can recognise how many peas we have just by looking at them.

We are so proud of all the children in the Transition Room and we are excited to continue to learn together this term.

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