Autumn 1 Learning in the Transition Room

October 18, 2023

We have enjoyed learning all about autumn at nursery this term. The children have been building their vocabulary around the season. They have been learning the Makaton signs for 'autumn', 'tree' and 'leaf'.

We have also been busy exploring 'Autumn Treasures’ as a sensory activity. This is a tray, filled with leaves, pumpkins, pinecones and other autumn finds. The children have enjoyed using tweezers, magnifying glasses and their senses to investigate and explore these items. We have also been playing a ‘signs of autumn’ matching game, matching real items to photographs of autumn finds.

The children have created some beautiful art work and collages around the theme of autumn, using natural materials. They have also produced some wonderful paintings in autumnal colours, as well as enjoying the sensory experience of exploring pattern and printing of natural resources and playdough.

The Children also really enjoyed reading these autumn stories with props. They loved learning the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. We have been busy retelling the story in our own way with props, making our own masks of the characters and making our own bridges to cross the river. The children have also made some beautiful artwork to support their learning of this story.

We have recently created a hospital in our role play area following children's interests. They are enjoying making each other and the grownups better!

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