Spring 2 Learning in the Transition Room

March 31, 2024

This term our theme has been all about animals! We have been learning the names of each animals and practicing the sounds they make. The children have also been practicing learning how to sign each animal. The children have enjoyed all our animal songs and have particularly enjoyed ‘Down in the jungle’. The have created some wonderful jungle pictures and have also been using the bricks to make a big jungle together!

The children also enjoyed ‘1,2,3,4,5.. Once I caught a fish alive’. They loved our fuzzy fish and got excited when we hid them in our pond and they jumped out as we counted them. The children decorated their own fish and put them in our pond too!

We have also enjoyed ‘Old Macdonald’ where we created our own farmyard and looked at lots of farm books. The children did great role play in our farm small world and have been doing a great job signing the different animals. We also used the animals to make marks in the playdough, making it look like muddy footprints!

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