Spring 1 Learning in the Under Threes' Room

February 11, 2024

Welcome back to the Yellow room! This term we have enjoyed learning all about Lunar New Year. The children created some wonderful gluing and sticking pictures.

The children enjoyed our 5 Currant Buns theme this term. The children loved making their own currant buns with the playdough and used red playdough to make cherries to put on top. They also enjoyed our 5 Currant Buns group time, where we counted out all the buns and took it in turns to swap our pennies for a bun. This has also helped us to work on our sharing and turn taking skills. We also created a café home corner where the children role played and created some wonderful scenarios. They served each other at the till and worked together to bake their own buns for their friends, putting them in the oven and pretending to watch them bake.

This term we have also been working on our signing throughout the baby room. We have been practicing some basic signing, for example ‘more’ ‘again’ and ‘finished’ and have been using them throughout the day, especially at group and mealtimes. The older children have also been practicing signing ‘Good morning’ at nursery and we use this when greeting our friends and families.

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