Spring 1 Learning in the Classroom

February 3, 2023

We started the Spring term by learning all about the Lunar New Year festival. We have been reading the story of The Great Race which tells the tale of how the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac raced across the river and each came to have a year named after them. I wonder which animal is your child’s favourite? Can they tell you about the race? We made our own lanterns and we have been learning about other Lunar New Year traditions such as the beautiful firework displays and the exciting dragon dances. We worked together to create our own beautiful dragon and we took part in a dragon dance parade using musical instruments to create a rhythm.

We then looked at the story of The Dog Who Could Dig, written by Jonathan Long and illustrated by Korky Paul. It’s a very funny story about a dog who couldn’t find his bone but found lots of other unusual things when he dug around in the garden. We were very lucky to have a special visit from the Concerteenies who brought the story to life with an instrument called the marimba which looks like an enormous xylophone.

We have also been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood and re-telling it with props. In our story, the woodcutter rescues Little Red Riding Hood and Granny from the wolf. From then on, the wolf can only eat vegetables!

We have been practicing our cutting skills by using knives and forks at the playdough table and now we are all really good at cutting our food at lunch time. We’ve also been very interested in junk modelling this half term and we have made some really wonderful creations including a bus and a house for Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny. We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey next half term.

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