Autumn 1 Learning in the Classroom

September 30, 2022

This September we have been exploring our emotions through our focus story The Colour Monster. The story explains five different emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger and calm and a colour is allocated to each emotion. We have been inspired by the story to create our own colour monsters using mixed media as well as filling up our own feelings jars. We have been looking at our expressions in the mirror and drawing what we see onto the monster pictures. We have also used our fine motor skills to sort the coloured pom poms into the feelings jars at the investigation station. How do you feel today? Can you show your grown up or use a mirror together to guess each other's emotions or maybe even draw a picture of how you are feeling?

At group time we have been getting to know each other and enjoying some educational group games. We have been differentiating sounds with the 'sock shakers' and trying to guess what is in the sock by listening to the noise it makes when it is shaken. We have been practising subitising (being able to visually see a number of objects instantly without needing to count them out one at a time) and counting by using a dice to determine how many 'snacks' our puppet friend can eat. We have also been practising our mark making skills with our whiteboards, drywipe pens and mark making dice. We took it in turns to roll the dice and then copy the wiggly line on the dice onto our boards.

We have also made a great start with our Helicopter Stories. The children have been enjoying telling stories for the adult to scribe and then acting their stories out all together in a group. Well done everyone!

We are now focusing on the story The Enormous Turnip and enjoying acting out the story with props and exploring root vegetables through sensory and craft activities.

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