Autumn 2 Learning in the Classroom

December 15, 2022

We started this half term by looking at the Diwali story and using the props to re-tell the story ourselves. We also learnt about Bonfire Night and we made a big bonfire for our family party in the evening. At group time we have continued our focus on counting and we set up a shop in the role play area so that we could put our counting skills to good use by counting out our pennies to pay for our items. We have also been learning about the properties of shapes through a fun shape memory game. In our language and literacy sessions we are working on our sound discrimination skills using instruments to replicate the sounds we hear. We have been working on our gross motor skills by using our movement dice to decide which big exercises we should do. We have also been working on throwing, catching and rolling the ball to our friends.

Our main focus story this half term has been The Gingerbread Man. We have been thinking hard about which characters are our favourites and why. We have also wondered about how the story could have ended differently and re-told the story ourselves for our friends to act out. In the Classroom we have been mixing up our own gingerbread mixtures in the sandpit, rolling out gingerbread dough at the playdough table and baking gingerbread men in the home corner.

We are now getting Christmassy and learning the story of the nativity through song, ready for our Christmas concert. We are learning lots of other festive songs as well. We are looking forward to some festive activities before the holiday.

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